Best Longboards for Carving and Pumping, Setup for Long Distance Rides

Most skate enthusiasts get irritated by low-quality and flimsy products, which is valid too. Here on, you will find products that I have personally tested and the ones that skate comrades highly accept. This brief discussion will assist you in choosing the best longboard for carving and pumping according to your preferred style, budget, and quality. All of these boards belong to quality longboard brands.

Carving on a longboard means floating on the road, and pumping is to move without pushing the ground with the help of your feet. Both styles are full of adventure, but you need to have basic skills and the best carving & pumping longboard. Feel free to skate through the extensive buying guide if you are a freshie. Moreover, if you wish to know the performance of each product after months, read the updated part of the content.

Our Top 3 Picks

Black Carving Longboard

Hana Bamboo Longboard

Hawkeye Longboard

Best Pumping and Carving Longboards

1. Loaded Icarus | Best Carving Longboard

best for carving

38.4″ deck length & 8.4″ width

V2 Jehu bearings

180mm, 50° Paris trucks

75mm wheels’ size

83A hardness on the durometer


An artistic production embellishes a triumph when zestful, complex, and magnificent performing precisely according to the needs. Icarus is a masterpiece achieving the feet by its responsiveness to what the rider plans to do. As the seller states, this board suits multiple riding styles like carving, pumping, and commuting; after months of testing, I found that all three styles are well executed.

What forces this board to behave extraordinarily is the combo of building technique and quality hardware parts. Every component plays a vital role in letting the rider enjoy the aimed ride, from wheels rolling over cracks, pebbles, and rough terrains to nimble trucks influencing the board to turn safely around sharp curves. The only flaw I identified was the grip tape not explicitly placed at the center, I hid it with a fancy cover, and all seemed ok.

Have a look at the best longboard trucks for cruising and carving.

It seems like this board is specifically designed for pumping purposes because of its accuracy during the pumps.  Even if you are a novice, the Icarus will assist you to the maximum, and you will start pumping it within 15-20 minutes of trying faithfully. I have to say this is the most uncomplicated longboard to learn and best for pumping and carving. Flex is the key reason that makes continuous pumps possible. 

Flex doesn’t only help in pumps but also makes carving exemplary. The loaded board also provides an expansive enough deck to eliminate the colliding feet problem and make the ride stable. Riders living in a flat area can make the most out of this board, while carving down the steep roads is evenly appreciable. 

Loaded Performance After Months:

A longboard can be good for carving if it has the required flex. The flex should be as good as a rider feels like flying on a fly-fishing rod. I’ve been riding this longboard for months, and no other longboard is as responsive as this one. Popping in and out becomes way more accessible with this Loaded Icarus longboard. The sturdiness of its deck ensures stability in the ride and allows the rider to carve freely on the roads.


  • Stable rides are inevitable
  • Best carving longboard
  • Sturdy branded wheels


  • Grip tape is not exactly on the center

Why Loaded Icarus:

Features that urged me to try and suggest it here are branded; all hardware parts, e.g. Orangatang wheels, the longevity of the board, perfect for aimed styles like carving, commuting and pumping. It is a one-time investment, and like several buyers, you will leave positive remarks after getting your feet on Loaded Icarus. 

2. BOCIN | Best Longboard for Cruising & Carving

best for pumping

10.2×41 inches deck dimensions

70 Micron wheels

80a durometer hardness

Maple deck

440lbs load capacity


Another quality board in our listing of the best longboards for carving and pumping is BOCIN. As the name suggests, the broader deck brings stability, allowing newbies to stand comfortably, and giving room to professionals to try out skating skills. The utmost quality of this best pumping and carving longboard is its versatility. You can cruise around the streets or college campus, do some freestyle tricks, and carving becomes inevitable with its sturdy trucks. 

The aluminum based trucks are rotatable with the help of a t-tool to 50 degrees. Tightened trucks will bring stability to your cruising experience while if you slacken the trucks, they will help you cover sharp curves comfortably. The availability of elastic PU pad brings your ride under control, so you can carve freely or showcase some of your amazing freestyle skills. 

The extensive deck of this board proved its worth when I tested it on multiple terrains like pebble-full track and rough road. The deck consists of 8-ply maple wood, which enlightens the deck with anti-slippery behavior and makes it waterproof. The use of emery paper as the grip tape installs required friction to keep the rider balanced on vibrating rides. Moreover, the deck is sturdy enough to bear a load of up to 350lbs, far better than many other competitors. 

Wheels’ quality, size, and durometer hardness are the exact measurements you need for carving. Moreover, the precision bearings of ABEC-9 inside PU wheels force them to roll faster for an adventurous ride. The wheels and the board collectively make wider turns unavoidable. The promising news for novices is that this board comes pre-assembled, so you need to get it out of the box and start cruising straight away. 

BOCIN’s Inspection Results:

BOCIN is a dependable brand but not as good as Loaded. I’ve ridden BOCIN multiple times recently and felt slightly uncomfortable because of the less flex in the deck. I feel this board is better for beginners as compared to the experts. Experts need more responsive longboards and a more flexible deck to carve and pump comfortably. Most of my newbie teammates liked the board’s design and carving and cruising with it. 


  • Durable deck with sturdy design
  • ABEC9 bearings to spin quicker
  • Fast, long-lasting, Micron wheels
  • Comes Pre-assembled


  • Wheels come grease-less


Get your feet on this board if you are low on a budget and are looking for a versatile longboard that helps you cruise or carve for a long time. Beginners can get rid of assembling problems as they send you a ready-to-ride longboard. 

3. Black Longboards | Best for Pumping

best for carving

38 x 9.75 Inches dimensions

70mm wheels’ diameter

78a durometer hardness

ABEC9 hellion bearings

Canadian Maple deck


Black takes care of its customers by providing extreme quality products within a buyable range. Each hardware part of this longboard defines quality, from branded wheels and bearings to aluminum trucks, from sturdy deck to laser cut grip tape. Selecting a durable and affordable one becomes a headache when there are multiple options. This longboard performs evenly well in several riding styles and is inexpensive too. 

Besides the deck’s sturdiness and longevity, its eye-catching design with pinstriping on the bottom appeals to skaters the most. The use of Canadian maple in deck build brings a slight flex to help it withstand carving, cruising and even downhill rides. Compared to other boards with a similar price range, this board’s grip tape is incredible as it looks and grabs the riders’ feet well to avoid any mishap. 

The wheels of any longboard are essential as they emulate riding techniques. A single longboard can not cover all longboarding styles, so a roller can not perform multiple tasks. For example, to cruise around skateparks, it is better to have softer wheels, while downhill longboards require stiff wheels for a better outcome. Wheels of the Black longboard are 78a hard, which is the most accurate measurement for better cruising, carving, dancing, and freeride. 

The bearings that come along with these wheels are of ABEC9. ABEC9 means these bearings spin fast and force the wheels to generate pacy rides. Spacers are built-in already as they are responsible for keeping the balls separate for better movement of the rollers. Last but not least, my frequent turning and twisting stood flawless because of the responsiveness of the trucks. 

Updated Review:

A perfect pumping and carving longboard consists of a flexible and durable deck, gritty grip tape, dependable wheels, and branded bearings. After testing the BLACK longboard, I can proudly say that it is the perfect longboard you need for pumping. The use of Canadian maple installs flex inside the deck, and the cutout design keeps the wheels away from the deck. Moreover, the wheels provide enough strength for the rider to pump freely.


  • Premium quality of all hardware parts
  • Pace generating wheels
  • ABEC9 bearings
  • Eye-catching design
  • Finest grip-tape for stable rides


  • The logo may chip off
  • Not wider like Magneto

Why Black Longboard:

After researching and concluding buyers’ reviews, I didn’t find a single drawback about any of its components’ quality. Each hardware, be it trucks, wheels, deck, or bearings, satisfies the needs of buyers and riding styles. 

4. Hana Carving and Cruising Longboard

long distance pumping longboard

9×42″ deck dimensions

Maple & Bamboo material 

70mm wheels’ diameter

78a durometer hardness


Magneto is one of the best longboard brands right now, and their products’ qualities are unmatched. Like this Hana 9×42’’ longboard, all other boards are designed under the supervision of professional skaters who are thoroughly familiar with what the rider demands. Around a thousand positive remarks by customers convinced me to ride Hana longboard, and it was truly worth it. 

The broader deck of this board provides enough space for newbies to stand comfortably. The drop-through truck design erases riders’ effort to get maximum distance per push. The ease of use attracts novices and experts evenly. Besides deck design, the bamboo & maple combo makes the board sturdy enough to withstand any shocks created on rough surfaces or bumps. Moreover, the material brings enough flex to enhance the user experience with multiple riding styles like carving, cruising, and dancing. 

Skaters fond of carving and pumping usually face problems with wheel bites. Magneto deals with this problem efficiently by shaping the cutout design of the deck. This shape keeps the wheels away from the board’s edges, ensuring bite-free, smooth, and shock-free carving rides. Another feature that serves novices the most is the deck’s slight concaveness, which locks riders’ feet into the board. 

The wheels of this best pumping longboard meet the exact requirements for carving style. Their width and durometer hardness grasp the ground efficiently, allowing you to carve safely. The wheels are not suitable for downhill, but they outperform any other set of wheels while cruising on any terrain. 

Why Hana Longboard for Carving | Updated

Hana can not stay back when the experts especially talk about the best longboards for carving. Compared to BOCIN and BLACK, HANA is a little expensive, but it is even better quality-wise. The use of Bamboo inside the deck helps the rider to bend comfortably while doing carving steps. The only issue I found in the board is that the bearings sound a bit noisy. I replaced Bones bearings with the existing ones, and now it works much better than ever.


  • Perfectly shaped deck design
  • Flexibility in the board suits carving
  • Wheels are soft and suit cruising
  • Deck makes riding easy for beginners


  • Trucks come loose
  • Missing washers
  • Bearings make noise sometimes

Why Hana:

When I rode this board for the first time, I found the deck quite sturdy, and its flex assisted in simple cruising and carving. From wheels to trucks, everything defines quality. Moreover, the wide acceptance of this board makes it an obvious choice. 

5. Loaded Boards | Carving Longboard Deck

pumping longboard

Length: 39” / 99 cm

Width: 8.75” / 22.3 cm

Wheelbase: 27″ / 68.6 cm

Weight (deck only): 3.1-3.5lbs / 1.4-1.6 kg

70mm and 86A Orangatang wheels


Tan Tien finds its success because of drop-through truck mounting technology that comes in handy in sliding, pumping, and carving. It is universal that drop-through boards stay lower to the ground and provide maximum stability. What does a trickster look for in a carve-specific longboard? The answer is straightforward; ease of push and wheel cutout design. Thus, Loaded fulfills the demand by giving a larger wheel-cutout build. Sail smoothly and turn effectively with this beast under your feet.

The board’s responsiveness is a deciding factor for experienced and regular riders while buying a pumping sports board. The Tan Loaded has a slightly curved and cambered deck base to overcome all turning, comfortability, and overall responsiveness. Moreover, snowboard-inspired gear offers a gentle and lively ride through and through. Additionally, Tien is a performance longboard manufactured for carving, pumping, and other multiple rides.

There are two different flex recommendations by the honorary skating community and we, at boardsontop, approve these values. The numbers of the flex will be explained later but let’s discuss the quality. Common in both these flexes is the high-performance bamboo and fiberglass module accurate for pumping and carving. I can’t force it enough, but you will never be disappointed in this board, and this is a guarantee from both the seller and us.

A premium quality flexible deck requires a notable pair of rollers and heavy-duty trucks to complete its design. Paris trucks will help you turn better and in a responsive manner when these are installed with your skater. Furthermore, strong-anchor Orangatang wheels generate maximum grip to the ground during your versatile adventures and journeys. These rollers will suck out vibrations during bumps and slide smoothly over any surface.

Testing Results:

Another Loaded board tops the list of perfect carving and pumping longboard. The exact deck shape, the lightest weight, immense responsiveness, and the characteristic of sliding swiftly won my heart after 5 months of continuous testing. Another thing that impressed me during the testing process was the length of the deck. Moreover, the gritty and sturdy grip tape makes it easier for the riders to carve and pump gently. 


  • Carve-friendly skater
  • Responsive and functional design
  • High-performance design
  • Fast turning at curves
  • 2 flex profiles


  • Expensive package
  • Lesser grip while down the track rides

Why Loaded Longboard:

The Tan Tien helps in carve-oriented riding alongside advanced freestyling. A flexible drop-through deck, reactive trucks, and softer wheels allow the Loaded to provide a complete high-performance profile in a single package. Overall, I consider Tan a decent pick for those looking into tricks, freerides, pumping, and carving.

6. PHOEROS Long Distance Pumping Longboard

long distance pumping longboard

Deck Width: 9.5 inches

330 pounds load capacity

95A hardness on the durometer

70m PU wheels & ABEC-11 bearings


Also known as VIESAINE, Phoeros comes up with one of the most stable and durable deck designs in the pumping and carving category. The item’s durability is because of 8 layered Canadian maple base, which will always produce results no matter the situation. On the other hand, the spacious board and emery-sand furnish lets the skater stand firm with a convincing posture. Both of these are the defining features of Phoeros and distinguish it from other sellers in the market.

You will always find articles about the importance of quality trucks, but few will explain their compatibility with the longboards. Stability and effective weight distribution are primary requirements during pumping and carving specific adventures.

This is where the overall performance and responsiveness of the trucks come into play. VIESAINE has aluminum trucks that take the rebound effect during jumps. In short, you can hand over your worries to these working gears and enjoy your relaxing trips without any inconvenience.

The main reason why Phoeros longboard feels perfect for pumping, tricking, and carving is its complete build design alongside the supportable wheels. In the language of the skateboarding community, it is a suitable hardness for fast carving, skate tricks, and street slidings.

If you cross-check the durometer for the hardness of the PU-wheels, you will find the 95A rating. Hence, a speedy and safe ride becomes possible due to this light yet sturdy duo of rollers. Moreover, the package is pre-assembled; you just need to take it out of the box and start rolling.


  • Non-slippery surface of the deck
  • Preferred for Pumping, and tricks
  • High-rebound PU wheels
  • Durable and heavy-duty trucks
  • It can hold around 330lbs


  • Less grippy wheels


There are many outstanding features about Phoeros, such as high-rebound wheels, anti-damp PU material of trucks, and flexible and controllable steering. This is what I would seek in a carve-specific longboard in my imagination. It would be best to get your hands on this performance giant as soon as possible.


With this update, I suggest this board for newbies who want to learn the basics of pumping. I have personally tested this board for over a month, and the board has landed better than my expectations. From the budget to the sturdy construction of the deck, from the fast wheels to reliable trucks, this board gets better and better after continuous rides. One of my skate-mates found a bug in the board, and he replaced it within days due to excellent customer care. 

7. Hawkeye 41 inch | Best Pumping Longboard Setup

longboard for long distance pumping

9×41 inches deck

Holds 330lbs

70mm PU wheels

Package weighs around 3.58kg

7-inches Al trucks


I find Hawkeye a great contender in the list because of its two unique features. The first one is its ability to be equally suitable for all skaters. A beginner can use this board for simple freerides, while a professional can twist and turn without any worry. The second feature is its ability to achieve high speed with infinite stability and safety. No matter what you are trying to do with the board, Hawkeye will stay put and prove its worth.

Manufacturers at Hawkeye believe in natural and eco-friendly products, and that’s why their longboards are made of maple wood. Not only does the material provide genuine strength to hold the rider, but it also grants a non-slippery base surface. In this way, the seller ensures the safety and comfortability of the skater in any situation. You don’t have to worry about breaking into the board as the deck can hold up to 330lbs, which is a reasonable weight limit.

The perfect combo of anti-shock wheels and fast ABEC-7 bearings serve as the primary mechanism for speeding up your adventures. You can rely on those rollers because they will suck out any vibration caused during your pumping carnivals. Moreover, reliable and super soft chrome steel bearings decently with the wheels to grant extra smooth control of the sliding experience.

You require the most proficient and highly-reactive trucks to your carving movements to redistribute your weight throughout the board. That’s why the manufacturer used heavy-duty aluminum trucks technology to boost your pumping board. Furthermore, the package comes pre-assembled so you can give it to your dear ones as a gift no matter the gender and age. Feel free to contact the seller in case of any inconvenience with your delivered item.

Hawkeye’s Performance Report:

My son has been riding Hawkeye longboard for more than 3 months, and there is not a single complaint from him regarding any aspect of the board. While riding on the sidewalks and the skateparks, they feel like flying in an attempt to carve. The longboard also has a nice look due to the modern grip tape design and attracts teenagers quickly. Also, the wheels and bearings work well during the ride. 


  • Suitable for all level skaters
  • Stable and durable deck
  • Heavy-duty trucks
  • Anti-damp wheels
  • Pre-assembled


  • Lower flex compared to others

Why Hawkeye:

Designed for speedy rides and a pumping experience, the board features balance and push ease. Trucks are pretty reactive, and bearings improve the pushing of the kicks. Moreover, the board is equipped with abrasive grip tape for further strength to the rider’s feet. You will have infinite control over your carving and freestyle trips, and your experience will increase exponentially.

8. Loaded Dervish Cruising Carving Longboards

best longboard trucks for pumping

Orangatang Durian Wheels 83a

In-Heat Wheels 80a

75mm wheel diameter

42.8 inches long and 9 inches wide

Bamboo Material


As the Loaded company is one of the top-rated brands in the business, here is the best longboard for pumping and carving named Dervish Sama. The drop-through design of this board makes it more leisurely for the rider to start the ride, and the bamboo deck allows easy pumping because of its accurate flex. The overall weight of this board is light enough to carve freely and have the best experience in both riding styles. 

Stability becomes inevitable as the trucks sit exactly at the deck level. The board’s cut-out is broad enough to maintain a reasonable distance from wheels. This feature lessens the chances of wheels getting bites during turns. Moreover, the deck has slight concaveness to make it nimbler and comfortable. As the overall technique belongs to snowboarding, the deck consists of laminated bamboo to make it durable, also providing even rides. 

Trucks in a longboard are responsible for ignoring shocks and providing vibration-free rides. Dervish comes with Branded Paris trucks authorizing you to control your ride fully. With these trucks, your turns become smooth and error-free. 

Similar to trucks, the wheels also belong to the most popular brand named Orangatang. The seller gives you a choice of two types of wheels to opt for. One of them is In-Heat wheels giving real momentum needed for carving, cruising, and pumping. Moreover, you can also go for Durian 83a wheels which are more suitable for the sliding adventure. 


  • Supports multi-style riding
  • Best longboard for carving & pumping
  • Assures no wheel bites
  • Sturdy branded trucks


  • Bearings are not as quick as Bones

Why Loaded Dervish:

Though the price is high, the quality of this long distance pumping longboard is even higher. Based on my personal experience and the most positive feedback from pre-buyers, I highly recommend this board. One-time investment and long-term enjoyment are something you don’t want to miss. 

Updated Review:

Dervish longboard has never stood behind the other two types of Loaded longboards. The good thing is that you do not need to replace the bearings because the bearings that come along with Dervish are pretty fast and perfectly suitable for Carving and Pumping riding styles. The cool look of the longboard attracts everyone’s eyes, and the attractive grip tape makes it easier for the riders to stand firmly. 

Buying Guide (Pumping and Carving Boards)

It is always essential for newcomers to know everything related to a product before selecting the one they actually need. In this extensive discussion, I will brief all the factors that can affect quality and longevity of best carving and pumping longboards. 

Reasons to opt for Carving

  • When racing down the hill, if you need to slow down, the carving is the only thing that helps. You take consecutive turns to carve, enabling you to lower the pace. 
  • While you cruise asphalt or skateparks, smooth zig-zag movement makes you feel like floating. 
  • Carving and pumping become valuable when you need to cover the maximum distance without putting a lot of effort into continuously grounded pushes. 

Learn how to carve on a longboard

Carving & Pumping Longboard Deck

As both carving and pumping need successive turns and flips, the responsiveness of the deck matters a lot. If a deck is lightweight, it will respond to your turns quickly for a smoother pumping experience. 

Deck Length

Longboards come in various lengths according to the preferred riding style of the customers. It is better to have an average-sized deck of about 34-42 inches for carving. If you opt for a longer length, the deck won’t be elegant, and you will not enjoy your cruising. On the other hand, the shorter decks can not introduce the required momentum ruining your effort of pushing. 

Deck Design

Both pumping and carving become enormously enjoyable when the deck is top-mount. Compared to a carving deck, pumping one must have enough flex to create the needed momentum when the deck is sitting above the trucks; its responsiveness boosts while you pump. 

carving longboard shape

Due to their mastery, top-mount decks provide a unique experience of turning quickly. The only thing that needs attention is that the deck must have a noticeable distance from the wheels. If wheels and deck are closer, your wheels will get bites during turns due to a minor collision, which may disbalance you during critical occasions. 

Best Carving & Pumping Longboard Trucks

Kingpin or reverse kingpin technologies are primarily available in carving and pumping longboards. As explained earlier, carving means flowing like a river on the longboard, and reverse kingpin trucks are the most elegant to sustain this type of riding technique. Moreover, mainly turning depends on how the trucks respond. As carving is all about bending, you should consider getting the best longboard that offers reverse kingpin or at least kingpin trucks. 

carving longboard trucks

Bennett, Revenge trucks, and Seismic are the most suitable types of trucks you can choose for better pumps. These trucks have sturdiness against heavy pushes and are unbreakable with riders’ pumps. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Carving, in general, belongs to snowboarding, which includes taking continuous turns while handling yourself from one edge of the board to another. It is all about putting every bit of your mass on the toes during the turn and when you stop turning, get all the weight back to your heels, installing a heel-way turn. Keep repeating it to enjoy the best carving experience. 

umping is gameplay in which you don’t have to put your feet on the ground. All you need to do is accelerate by putting force to your feet, especially your toes. Bending and turning can also help you pump the longboard for smaller distances. 

Momentum is the most required thing when you want to carve on a longboard. Smaller sized board with small wheels can’t provide enough momentum. Hence, longboards with length in between 34’’ to 42’’ can work efficiently in carving case.

Yes it is. All longboards are comparatively large than traditional skateboards. And broader deck of the board provides novices enough space to stand firm and ride without hesitation. With the length, stability is inevitable, and beginners can learn balancing them quickly.

Final Say

All longboards are not for all riding styles. For cruising, you need softer wheel longboards with 38+ inches deck. For downhill riding, you need fast wheels with a massive deck length. Similarly, the best longboards for carving and pumping have average flex, 34-42 inches deck length, unique top-mount deck shape, and sturdy trucks. With our guide you can expand your riding experience and select the best product with ease.

Written by: Matt Harper

I am the sole brain behind the idea of writing longboard reviews which resulted in the production of this case study i.e. BoardsOnTop. I love everything about longboards and write exemplary reviews to help the longboarding community as once it helped me.

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