Top 9 Best Skate Tools | Cheap Elimination Hardware for Skateboards & Longboards

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie in skating field or an expert skater, you will definitely need a tool that can allow you to play with the board you ride often. Most longboards on the market provide adjustable trucks and all skateboards need wheel replacement quite often. For these purposes, you need the best skate tool which can perform multiple functionalities like tightening or loosening the trucks, attaching, or detaching the wheels.

After testing about 20+ skate tools from various brands, we are confident to suggest 9 best skate tools. Each of these recommended products have ability to handle trucks, decks, and wheel nuts. If you are a newbie, you need to go through buying guide, which will help you find the one you need. Go through the performance update of each tools reviewed.

9 Best Skate Tools

KCALLSPEE Skateboard Tool | Best Overall

Best Skate Tool


There are hundreds of skate tool producers available online, and we picked KCALLSPEE as our first suggestion for multiple reasons. Firstly, the durability of this T-skate is impressive due to the use of thick and premium material used in its construction. The tool doesn’t get damaged at any cost; hence, it lasts long. 

The most appealing feature of this tool is its multifunctional behavior. Hexagon sockets in the device have three different types, and it comes with Allen Key to tighten any nut or screw comfortably. The ⅜ is useful for a longboard or skateboard hardware, the ½ socket easily manages the wheels, and the 9/16 socket is specified for the trucks under your skateboard or a longboard

Another reason to buy this skate tool is that it has 10pcs washers responsible for minimizing friction among wheels’ bearings, nuts & hangers. This reduction in friction results in speedy & flawless rides. It also improves the functionality of bearings by longing the life of bearings inside wheels. 

Update on Performance:

It is one of my favorite skating tools for multiple reasons. I have used this tool for my longboards, skateboards, and roller skaters. It works well for a long time and does not cost too much.


Quality material makes it durable

The tool can adjust every hardware part of the board

Speed washers help achieve fast rides

Most economical skate tool

Lightweight & Portable


It does not come with spacers

Everland Eskape All-in-One | Best Skate Tool

Everland Eskape All-in-One Skate Tool

About Everland:

Everland is almost the first copy of the previous skate tool we described. But, it is a little costlier than KCALLSPEE. The price increase is due to an extra feature of its compact and thin design. It also has a sturdy structure which helps it stay durable for a long period. Moreover, a locking feature in the tool stops screwdrivers from misplacing. 

Three types of sockets in the tool assist you in adjusting trucks, removing or attaching the wheels, and detaching all board parts to clean them. Its thin design allows you to take it anywhere you want. Most of the time, when you go for downhill riding, the longboards and skateboards need a little bit of maintenance, and this tool in your bag will provide solutions to all problems related to hardware parts. 

Its comfortable grip makes it pretty easy to use. In addition, the screwdrivers perfectly attach to the handle, leaving no way to lose its position. Lastly, its unique color helps you identify it quickly. 

Performance Update:

It is a top-rated skate tool on our list, and you can use it for many tasks. I have been using it for months for tightening and loosening the trucks and wheels of my different longboards. It is built with solid material that does not let it lose its sturdiness.


Thin but sturdy design


Adjusts every hardware part of the longboard

Accurate screwdrivers

Three different types of sockets


It doesn’t fit old-fashioned trucks

BESIY 8PCS Bolts | Cheap Skate Tool

BESIY 8PCS Bolts All-in-One Skate Tool

About BESIY:

Providing three different sockets for multiple functions is common among skate tool providers. What makes BESIY different from others is that it comes with Phillips Screwdriver and three sockets. This driver makes it easy for you to tighten screws with Phillips’s heads. Like Everland & Kcallspee, there are three sockets to perfectly adjust trucks, wheels, and all hardware parts in longboard or skateboard. 

Bolts that come with the package are made of complete stainless steel, while the nuts are steel coated with zinc. Everyone in the mechanical market is aware of zinc & stainless steel quality. They are perfect for use and stay functional for a very long time. 

The feature that keeps ratings of BESIY high is its money-back guarantee. Buy it, try it; if not satisfied for any reason, the supplier allows you to get your amount back. Moreover, their customer service is exemplary. You can also buy skateboards or longboards of this brand with the highest quality. 

Inspection Results:

The eight pieces of hardware given with the skate tool make this product different from the others on our list. The hardware pieces become helpful at various points. However, their primary use is to install them with the tool to tighten or loosen any screw or other part in your longboard or skateboard.


Phillips Screwdriver available

Three different sockets

Sturdy nuts

100% money-back guarantee


Not a ratchet built

Alouette Set of 2 | Portable Skate Tool

Alouette Skate Tool Set of 2

About Alouette:

Unlike other suggested products, Alouette provides a T-Tool and a Y-Tool in a single package with a price almost equal to other brands providing a T-tool. The highlight of this product is that it can adjust or connect to all skateboards and longboards out there in the market. From changing axle nuts to mounting parts, from assembling skateboards to disassembling everything for cleaning purposes, you can achieve everything with One Alouette Tool. 

It is always good to have a portable, compact, and sturdy tool. This 2-set tool has a compact design, and you can carry it to any riding point. If you want to adjust trucks or tighten the wheels at any point during riding, this tool will help you achieve what you want. Though the tool is thin, its quality is still admirable. 

After all its crazy features, the seller provides you a term of unconditional return, or they can resend you a newer one if you get a faulty piece. Their service is quick, and you can get back your money or reordered tools within days. 

Performance After Months:

It is a multifunctional tool that can help you align the parts of your longboards, shortboards, skateboards, and roller skate. Most importantly, this tool is cheap and versatile at the same time. Furthermore, it is built with solid materials, so I have kept it for over six months.


Set of two T & Y tools

Fits all screws in longboards and skateboards


High-quality material makes it durable

Money-back guarantee


Allen keys are a little loosely secured

Cal 7 Big Boy – Best Skate Hardware

Cal 7 Big Boy - Skate Tool

About Cal 7:

The coolest feature of this skate tool is the axle threader which is pretty useful in detaching wheels from the trucks. Its unique design includes 5 different tools in a single product; hence you don’t need anything else when you have Cal 7. From minor to major, you can do all maintenance with this small piece of a useful tool. Moreover, its economical price attracts all skaters to try it out at least once. 

Having 3 different sockets for 3 various tasks is common among skate tools. Cal7 also has those sockets, but it comes with Phillips & Allen heads. Its smaller size allows you to keep it in the pocket or your skate bag. Use this tool when you plan to do downhill riding or commute longer distances. 

We tried this tool to build our first handmade skateboard, and it was a comfortable experience. Cal 7 worked as we wanted, and it tightened the nuts and screws with minimal effort. In addition, the hands of the users are secure due to the availability of grip. 

CAL 7 Performance Update:

It is another durable and favorite tool of many skaters in our community. I use its three sizes whenever I need to adjust the trucks, wheels, or replace the bearings.


Most economical

Multifunction skate tool

Comfortable grip

Different tools in a single product

Easy to use


The metal tip spins in plastic coating

M Merkapa Ratchet T-Skate Tool

M Merkapa Ratchet All in One Tool

About Merkapa:

If you are looking for a multifunctional, durable, and highly recommended skate tool, M Merkapa is undoubtedly the one you need. Its unique design can easily fit all skateboards and longboards. One of its crazy features is that its ⅜ socket contains ratchet capability. Similarly, ½ socket assists you in adding, removing, or safely placing the wheels. 9/16 socket is handy when you want to tighten or loosen the trucks. 

Almost all recommended products contain these three sockets but Merkapa comes with additional tools like Allen wrench and Phillips / Allen Keys. Lastly, 5/16 Rethreader is also included in the package which helps you in pressing and extracting bearings out from the wheels. 

The tool becomes sturdy and durable because of heavy duty steel and ABS plastic. Though it is a pricey product as compared to other brands, it is truly worth it. You’ll have an option of 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the quality or want your money back anyway, the supplier makes sure you get your refund instantly. Even after using it for months, I am happy with its performance as I use it for various tasks of my longboards.


Highest quality steel & ABS plastic

3 sockets & additional wrench & Key

Fits all skateboards & longboards

All in One skate tool

Money-back guarantee


A little bit expensive

Silver Premium | Multifunctional Skate Tool

Silver Premium Skate Tool

About this Item:

For every product we suggest, we had a solid & an appealing reason behind that. Similarly, the two way ratchet system of the Silver Skate tool is handy enough to be suggested to regular skaters. Like multiple other skate tools, this one also comes with three sockets specified for hardware, wheels and trucks’ adjustment. 

With the help of a two way ratchet system, it becomes easy for both right-handed and left-handed people to work with it comfortably. Moreover, the tool’s handle has a grip tape to provide maximum grip while screwing or unscrewing nuts, bolts, etc. The tool also allows you to remove the screwdriver attached for ease in the task. 

We have personally used this tool for setting up a whole new skateboard from scratch. We had a deck, two Aluminum alloy trucks, wheels, and bearings all detached. With the help of Silver Premium Skate Tool, we managed to arrange all parts within 40-60 minutes, which proves that it is quite easy, comfortable, and flawless to use. 


Two way ratchet system

Three sockets for everything

Gritty grip on the handle

Screwdriver can be removed

Heavy duty construction makes it durable


Paint of the ratchet system scraps off quickly. 

All in One Skate | T/Y Shaped Tool

All in One Skate T/Y

About this Item:

With the use of three different sizes of nut drivers(⅜, ½, and 9/16), this tool provides you a Phillips screwdriver and an Allen screwdriver too. With the availability of both of these screwdrivers, it becomes possible for you to maintain all types of boards including skateboards, longboards and penny boards. 

Secondly, the tool is small enough to be carried anywhere you go. Most of the riders are fond of downhill riding, and these tools are necessary in these types of critical rides. Every nut should be properly adjusted before participating in speedy or skillful rides. We have tested it on multiple skateboards and it easily fits kingpin trucks and nuts attaching wheels with the trucks.

Quality of the tool isn’t compromised at all as it has heavy-duty material used in the construction. You can use it for multiple functionalities and the tool is economical enough to be tried at least once. 


All in one functionalities

Phillips & Allen Screwdrivers available


High quality product

Very economical


Paint of the ratchet system scraps off quickly. 

Sanjour Best Skateboard Tool Size

Sanjour All-in-One Skate Tool

About Sanjour:

It is always better to have a skate tool which can do multiple functionalities rather than having a separate tool for each task. With three sockets of hardware, wheels and trucks, you will have an Allen wrench with Sanjour to drive the bolts and screws with all three hexagon sockets. Combining the sockets and the wrench, you will find it easy to deal with almost any skateboard or longboard. 

With the lowest price in the market, the supplier provides not one but two skate tools in a single package. Use one for yourself and the other one to give to one of your skating friends. Ease of use of the tool is another reason we have suggested this product. It fits in the hand perfectly and has a compact size making it portable. 

The combination of harder plastic and non-rusty steel helped manufacturers create a durable skate tool. As per the seller, you can use it for skateboards, longboards, penny boards, roller skates, and mini boards too. We have tested it on our skateboard and Magento longboards, and it was really easy to use this tool for adjustment purposes.



Three hexagon sockets make it all in one tool

Allen wrench fits hexagon socket

2 tools in one package

Very Economical

Quality product


Allen key is small to use in roller skates

Buying Guide for Best Skate Tool

Like longboards, wheels, trucks, and other components, skating tools also require attention while you buy them. Therefore, you need to be careful of a few points while investing in the best skate tool. Let’s have a quick look at these points to make the buying process easier for you.

Tool’s Longevity

The material is the most important thing in a skating tool and defines how longer your instrument will last. If muscular materials are embedded in it, it will last longer and perform better whenever you use it. A rough estimate says that you have to use the tool to tighten or loosen your longboard’s parts once a week. Therefore, it is essential for the tool to be kept fresher and up to date whenever they are used. To achieve this goal, it has to be as sturdy as possible.


We have used multiple skating tools of different brands throughout our skating career to keep our board’s components newer. Mostly, we see alloy, metal, and plastic materials. Most importantly, all these materials have their own prices and abilities. They do the same task but have different prices. Our suggestion is to go for the metal made instrument because it lasts longer than the steel and alloy made products.


Skate tools are considered budget-friendly products, but some are comparatively cheaper. For example, the most affordable tool for longboard accessories is often plastic material. That is to say, if you are not on a budget, then you should always invest in a metal made product due to longevity assured. However, if you want to spend less, a plastic skate tool would be the perfect choice for you.

People Also Ask

What are the uses of skateboard and longboard tools?

Whether you are fond of skating or longboarding, it is kind of an adventure where the board needs to be as newer as possible. Consistent rides over uneven surfaces and quick turns keep changing the location and tightness of the boards’ accessories. In which trucks, wheels, and bearings are the most important parts.

The trucks require tightening according to the rider’s riding style. At the same time, the wheels and bearings need to be cleaned after some time. To do this task, you have to dispatch them from their location, which is possible with the help of a skating tool. In short, the skate tool is an essential part if you want to keep your skateboard and longboard responsive in terms of turns and weight-bearing ability.

What are the types of skate tools?

In the longboarding and skateboarding era, two types of skate tools are used widely. T-Shaped and Y-Shaped tools. Both of these types do the similar task of replacing and readjusting the boards’ parts but with a different style. We must say that you don’t need to be worried about the tool’s shape. Just go with a style that you think is easy to use.

We also differentiate tools’ types by their dimensions. For example, bearings remover, screwdriver, and hex key are considered the best skate tools. Most importantly, with these tools, you get varieties in the sizes of sockets. Ultimately making it a wonderful choice to deal with the different accessories replacement related issues.

With the different dimensions, you can do multiple tasks with one gadget. For example, the same tool will let you remove the wheels bearings and make tightness adjustments in the trucks. Moreover, you can also use them to dispatch and place back any kind of nuts and bolts that appear on your longboard or skateboard.

Is it important to have a skate tool, and why?

The short answer is yes; the best skate tool can be helpful any time during your rides. We will let you know-how. There are numerous riding styles like cruising, carving, commuting, and downhill riding. These kinds of rides cause changes in the truck’s tightness levels. So, you can say that tightening the trucks is the first thing that a skate tool does.

Secondly, you need to clean the longboard wheels and bearings whenever dirt appears. You can not execute the plan of cleaning longboard parts unless you have a tool that can help you remove those widgets. Moreover, multiple nuts and bolts are found on a board near the deck, under the trucks, and inside the rollers. Long story short, either you invest in a T-Shaped tool, or you will have to invest in a new longboard after some time.

Final Verdict

Having the best skate tool will stop you from investing again and again in buying a brand new longboard or skateboard. The most common riding styles like cruising, carving and commuting make the difference in trucks’ tightness. Therefore, you must have a T-Shaped tool to bring them back to their original position.

Moreover, you can use that hardware for replacing wheels bearings and opening the nuts and bolts. As experienced skaters, we recommend everyone to have a T or Y-shaped tool in their accessories bag. Below are our top 3 picks among these 9 best skate tools for an additional facility for visitors.

Top 3 Skate Tools

Best Skate Tool


BESIY Skate Tool

BESIY Skate Tool

Alouette Skate Tool

Alouette Skate Tool

Written by: Michael Bradley

Hi, This is Michael and I am way too ahead in dealing with longboard and skateboard accessories like wheels, trucks, bearings, etc. I have always loved playing with T-tools, nuts, wrenches, and stuff like that. Also, I will be assisting you regarding the longboard protective gear.

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