Best Shoes for Longboarding and Skateboarding | Top Sneakers for Men & Women

We are aware of the fact that high-speeding, riding on bumpy-rough surfaces, and flat deck designs can pull you off the board during critical longboarding rides. For this reason, we have enlisted the all-time best longboard shoes, which are comfortable to wear and meet all requirements of skate comrades. The selection of these longboarding shoes is based on top buyer reviews and our testing.

We have been in the longboarding field for years and have tested several shoes for multiple riding styles. Our list of best shoes for longboarding includes micro wobble board, high top skate, solar soft, and luxury skate shoes. Feel free to jump onto the FAQs section for more details about longboarding shoes.

10 Best Shoes for Longboarding

Image Product Details   Price
best-shoes-for-longboarding VANS Sk8-Hi Shoes Multi Colors Check Price
best-longboarding-shoes Adidas Skate Shoe Colors: Dark Grey Heather, Solid Grey, Black, White Check Price
longboarding-shoes Adidas Superstar Shoe Available in Multiple Colors Check Price
longboard-shoes DVS Men’s Skating Shoes Various Varieties in colors Check Price
shoes-for-longboarding-1 Osiris Clone Shoes Color: Multiple
Sole: Rubber
Weight: Light
Check Price
top-longboard-shoes DC Men’s Court 100% Leather
Rubber Sole

Check Price
good-shoes-for-longboarding Globe Mahalo Shoe for Skating 100 % Textile
Removeable Insole
Check Price
good-longboarding-shoes Dc Pure Casual Shoe Multiple Colors
Synthetic sole
Check Price
Etnies-Jameson-2-Eco-Skate-Shoe Etnies Jameson Shoe Different Colors Available
Recycled rubber outsole
Check Price
DC-Mens-Spartan-High-Skate-Shoes DC Men’s Spartan Shoes Leather Made
Padded Collar Foam
Check Price

VANS Sk8-Hi Shoes | Best for Longboarding

best shoes for longboarding

Vans manufacture top-quality skate shoes, climbing shoes casual shoes, and longboard shoes for its worldwide customers. SK-8 has classic Vans stripes throughout the boots with a new and innovative high top design. The pair of shoes fulfils all the needs and meets all the expectations of a longboard rider for a more extended period.

In other words, SK8-HI brings a whole new level of skating experience to its users due to its skate dash specific shoes design. This best longboarding shoes have a lovely suede in addition to ease of lacing up. Not only does the user feels comfortability, but it feels unlimited friction between its feet and the base of a longboard.

Consequently, the users’ overall riding experience increases exponentially, and safety remains maximum. We at boards on top suggest experienced skaters and novice riders to avail these pairs of shoes for their longboard specific riding adventures.


My longboarding companions and I have got multiple pairs of shoes, and almost all of them have VANS SK8-HI Shoes. We have been using these best longboard shoes for months, and they are still performing exceptionally well. Another advantage of this product is its use for multiple purposes. Moreover, you feel comfortable when riding a longboard.


  • Hightop and skate specific shape
  • Maximum protection for toes
  • The necessary grip on the board
  • Classic rubber outsole
  • Best longboard shoes


  • Not suitable for sliding

Adidas Originals Skate Shoes

best longboarding shoes

The Adidas Seeley is best suited for seasonal longboard riders and professional and beginner skaters. The brand focuses mainly on the comfort and the need of their customers and, therefore, manufactures premium quality shoes.

Seeley tops the chart intern terms of performance and positive reviews. Most importantly, its rubber sole generates infinite grip between the longboard’s deck and your feet. Thus you achieve an unprecedented level of skating that you have never experienced.

The classic build of Adidas Seeley terminates the possibility of any fatigue or stress no matter how long you wear these pair of shoes. We recommend using Seeley for versatile purposes such as walking in the park, carving, cruising, and tricking adventures.

The discussed balances the quality and price uniquely and, as a result, is highly admired among the customers. Furthermore, Adidas allows selecting the best size and color according to your own choice.


This versatile pair of shoes can help you skate and dress well. Also, these shoes do not cost you too much and prove their worth in critical conditions. The only disadvantage about these shoes is that they are often unavailable.


  • Fatigue less and comfortable
  • Multi-purpose shoes
  • Reasonable support on the deck
  • Premium quality


  • Avoids sliding with these shoes

Adidas Originals Men’s | Best Longboard Shoes

adidas shoes

Superstar provides genuine protection from the outside because of exclusive pig skin shall. On the other hand, the reinforced lather inside the shoes takes the maximum impact from any mishaps and, therefore, protects toes and feet.

There are three leather strips mounted on either side which grant an excellent and aesthetic feel. Lastly, Superstar’s rubber sole helps create resistance between the feet and base of a longboard. As a result, you get an unparalleled grip on the board, and safety stays at its highest.

Superstar places molded sock liner inside each item to provide decent comfort to the rider’s feet. Consequently, you get the maximum cushioning effect and perfect fit for your size. Adidas offers insane lace-up closure to the Superstar that allows its user’s to tighten or loosen the feel on their feet. All in all, it is another durable product from the brand that can solve most of your longboarding related problems for a more extended time.


I found people complaining about the uncomfortable size of these shoes. This is not a disadvantage as you can choose one according to your foot size. Other than that, I feel comfortable wearing them on my longboard rides. People suggest purchasing this Adidas pair of shoes for long-term use.


  • Comfortable fit for your feet
  • Multi-usage
  • Protection on inside and outside
  • Decent lacing strength


  • Not water resistant

DVS Men’s Longboard Shoes

Dvs Men's

Comanche results from DVS’s insane effort to manufacture shoes that focus on users’ experience and requirements. Comanche’s quality, durability, and comfortability is unmatched and is in a league of their own. Any level of skater can benefit from the robust and durable rubber sole installed under the shoes.

The rubber generates the necessary grip for the shoes but survives against almost every surface and track. We assure you will get a considerable boost in your upcoming longboard-related adventures once you lace up these sneakers.

Another exciting feature about DVS is its ability to absorb collision due to its high impact insole and midsole. To achieve higher durability, cupsile is made with increased flexibility and reinforced ollie area. Overall, DVS offers a breathable and open-cell shape of the shoes which comes in handy in various scenarios.


I have been keeping DVS Men’s shoes for a long time. I must say that these shoes are specially built for longboarding and skateboarding. The design of these shoes helps you thoroughly when riding a longboard or skateboard. In short, if you are looking for longboarding shoes, you must try DVS Men’s Shoes.


  • High impact insole and midsole
  • Tongue padding for support
  • Breathable design
  • Versatile and durable


  • Suitable for men only

Osiris Men’s Skate Shoes with Arch Support

Osiris Men's Skate Shoes

The shoes from the Osiris brand follow iconic styling, and classic provide protection. You can wear these shoes on different platforms, including high abrasion areas. The only thing you will ever feel will be superior comfortability.

Furthermore, the lace-up closure allows users to adjust the units according to their choices. Osiri’s customers consider high top and rubber soles the perfect combination for safety and durability. Osiris benefits from imported quality stuff that is used throughout the whole package.

When you wear these shoes while riding a longboard, you will feel zero fatigue and discomfort. This is because of a very lightweight and comprehensive collar and tongue. Clone skate shoes keep you ahead in the competition by offering premium shoes in a decent price range.


Osiris brand lets you select shoes in different colors and different sizes. The rubber sole in the shoes helps you grip the surface very well. Moreover, you get a locked-in feel when you are on a longboard deck. These sneakers are evenly good for women and girls because of the availability of multiple sizes and colors.


  • Imported quality
  • Best skating and longboarding shoes
  • Durable rubber sole
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Available in multiple colors


  • Not suitable for sliding

DC Men’s Graffik

DC Men's Graffik

Dc spends a lot of time researching skateboarding shoes and, therefore, manufactures its products according to users’ requirements. In addition to a lightweight tongue build, there are several ventilation holes for the proper air exchange.

Consequently, you can wear Dc for a more extended period without feeling any discomfort and irritation. All in all, court casual is a decent fit for most of your cruising, carving, freestyling and skating journeys.

The upper, as well as the outsole of Dc, is enriched with unprecedented quality. Its court graffik upper is built with leather and suede, while the outsole is constructed with a durable cupsole. Not only does the customer feel balanced and proper fitting, but it manages to enhance the beauty of its overall characters.


Those who have been using DC Men’s Graffik Shoes for a long time admire its quality. Most importantly, they are happy with its price tag as it costs comparatively less than the others skating shoes. Furthermore, if you are finding long-lasting shoes at a reasonable price, DC Men’s Shoes are what you need to look for.


  • Low top for infinite stability
  • Rubber sole material for durability
  • Decent ankle support
  • Preferred for skating and casual wear
  • Breathable design


  • Men specific shoes

Globe Mahalo Skating Shoe

Globe Mahalo

The classic lower-profile silhouette of Mahalo shoes makes the perfect choice for skating and longboard riding styles other than casual use. Whether going on a simple cruising journey or a freestyle adventure, these skate-shoes offer maximum stability as they are lower to the ground.

Moreover, the rider stands firm with robust friction between feet and the deck. Globe manufactures the upper core of both units with a resistive and durable suede, and hence, the skater achieves unmatched safety standards to complete foot.

Most of the skate above shoes follow basic lace-up closure types, and so does the Globe Mahalo. If the user wants to tighten or loosen the grip on its feet, this type of closure comes in handy. In addition to all these valuable traits, Mahalo feels comfortable as well as being infinitely protective.

The trademark shock board insole works wonders by taking maximum impact on a collision. This is one of the best quality packages one can get at such a reasonable price. Feel free to go through the size list before choosing the perfect pair.


Although it cost me less, I noticed many drawbacks while using these skating shoes. First of all, they look nice and clean at first glance, but as soon as you wear them regularly, they will lose their shine. In a short time, they will look old and worn to you. If you use them for skating and longboarding only, you can keep them for a long time by cleaning them after the ride.


  • Durable, low profile shape
  • Decent cushioning in case of a mishap
  • Flexible and breathable
  • Lace-up design for adjusting the fittings
  • Perfect longboarding shoes


  • Avoid sliding with Mahalo

DC Men’s Flat Feet Skate Shoe

Flat Feet

Pure Casuals are the second DC instalment in our list of top shoes for longboarding and skating. DC Pure grants superior comfortability and support to the feet of any user, thanks to its lightweight padded tongue and collars. In order to promote a better internal environment of the shoes, there are ventilation channels that push trapped air out of the unit.

Consequently, the customer can wear DC for as much as he can without feeling any irritation or uncomfortably. Overall, the shoes extend the safety as they have leather upper, which takes the damage to itself and protects the wearer’s feet.

DC has a true love for longboarding and interacts consistently with its customers for upcoming projects. That’s why Pure follows all those requirements and expectations of the user by being durable and comprehensive. The outsole of the product is made up of a decent cupsole to create support for feet and toes. Pure Casuals are available in several colors and sizes to fulfil the needs of every customer out there.


One of my friends loves skating, and he is a mechanic. He uses these fleet shoes for both purposes. The most admiring feature of these shoes is that they grab the surface very well, either on a deck or on an oily surface. Also, it is available at a reasonable price. 


  • Synthetic sole
  • Comfortable and Breathable
  • Impact-taking upper capsule
  • Support for feet and toes
  • Multiple colors and sizes


  • Slightly tighter lace-up closure

Etnies Jameson Shoe | Best for Women

Etnies jameson

Etnies is among the best selling silhouette brands in the online era, and Jameson 2 is a legend that proves the latter statement. Eco is manufactured with recycled plastic and rubber in order to encourage eco-friendly development techniques. Jame-2 are lightweight in nature and reinforce mobility at its finest.

Therefore, you can take the shoes for longer rides without getting tired and uncomfortable. As the speed becomes faster, stability and protection matters the most and this best shoes for longboarding features a durable cup sole construction.

Eco’s thinly padded tongue and collar design help the rider with a snug fit, which further balances the rider on the longboard. The outer shell of the shoe is manufactured with recycled rubber, while the insole is made with PU foam. Both these sub-units enhance the functionality of the Eco while cruising, carving, and other longboard journeys.


After wearing them for months, I see them as one of the most durable pairs of shoes. Also, they fit great if you have bought one according to your size. On the other hand, if they are not your size, they will hurt your feet badly. The other interesting features are that they are perfect for women, last longer, and are budget-friendly.


  • Environment-friendly build
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Mobile and swift shoes
  • Snug fit
  • Unlimited safety


  • Plastic quality need to be softened

DC Men’s Spartan Shoes | Good for Longboarding

Dc Men's Spartan

Spartan utilizes 100% leather which makes the shoes work against water and wear or tear. The rubber sole of the DC Spartan creates a powerful force of friction that stops you from slipping off the board. Consequently, the Spartans are considered very safe and stable in any usage.

To boost the rider’s comfort level, each shoe has a foam padded tongue and collar placed inside the inner cavity. All in all, Spartan is another masterpiece from the DC brand which finds its success in casual wear and most longboarding rides.

There is a lace-up closure type of Spartan High that assists the user in tightening or loosening the fitting of the shoes. The outer shell remains dirt free and absorbs collision energy whenever any impact happens. Any professional or new longboard rider can find it helpful during any journey. Lastly, Spartan fights fiercely against scratches and abrasions as it has a highly functioning rubber sole.


As a busy skater, I love skating and longboarding, wearing Spartan shoes as they are specifically built for this purpose. What I don’t like about these shoes is that they don’t have a cushion or any other support in the insole. Besides, you will love your longboard and skateboard rides with this pair of shoes.


  • Anti-slip
  • Protection against water
  • The least chances of abrasion
  • Comfortable feel
  • Impact-absorbing


  • Slightly heavier shoes

FAQs | Best Longboard Shoes

Do shoes matter on longboard?

It depends on what riding style you plan to perform. If you are going for downhill rides or commuting purposes, you require perfect longboarding shoes. These shoes will keep you on the board and nullify the possibility of putting you off the board. 

What should I wear while longboarding?

A helmet, a pair of knee pads, a pair of sliding gloves, and perfect longboarding shoes are the wears you should go for while downhill riding, sliding, freestyle, and freeride. 

Are chuck Taylors good for longboarding?

It is impossible to exclude Chuck Taylors when there is a need to enlist the best longboarding shoes. Chuck Taylor provides extreme quality shoes for a better longboarding experience. 


We are confident to believe that the presented list of the best longboarding shoes will assist you in selecting the best one you need. It doesn’t matter which brand you choose; all of them are suitable enough to meet longboard enthusiasts’ necessary needs. If you are looking for our top 3 recommendations, here they are;

Our Top 3 Picks

Adidas Superstar Shoes

VANS Sk8-Hi Skate Shoes

DVS Comanche Shoes

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