Best Longboard Wheels for Sliding in 2023 – Slider Longboarding FAQs

Sliding on a longboard is the utmost joy, but finding the proper wheels is equally a headache.

Fear not. Our extensive research and personal skating experience have brought us some of the best longboard wheels for sliding.

Their inclusion in our suggested list depended on our personal use, quality, pricing, and customer reviews.

It comprises the best budget, all-terrain, off-the-road, and high-performing rollers.

A few factors collectively build the best sliding wheels, i.e., hardness on the durometer, overall diameter, material used, contact patch, and core placement.

Dive into our brief buying guide if you want to know the importance of each aspect mentioned above.

Moreover, our list has each type of sliding wheel worthy enough to try at least once.

If you are buying any products reviewed below, make sure to go through their performance update. It will help you purchase durable wheels for your regular longboard rides.

Top 3 Sliding Wheels


Orangatang Wheels

Orangatang Durian 75mm

7 Best Longboard Wheels for Sliding

Fireball Tinder Sliding Wheels

best longboard wheels for sliding
  • 60mm diameter
  • 81a durometer
  • Dump thane 
  • Multiple colors
  • 35mm contact patch


My first slide with this pair of wheels was a little grippier than I predicted.

After a week of regular sliding with Fireball, the wheels seem sugary, and the contact patch serves quickly when the rider tries out slides anytime.

Seeing the wheels leave their color on the ground when you drift at a considerable speed is pretty impressive. 

Generally, these wheels can fit perfectly with any longboard, but I noticed their behavior with a double-kick longboard was incredible during slides at any pace.

The smoothness of these wheels, combined with the centerset core, makes these wheels an obvious choice for drifting adventure.

I figured out a con that they wear down faster, but that is not a high price to pay for the fun you will have by doing slides or having pacy rides. 

The exact durometer hardness and smaller diameter coincide to ensure a shock-free ride over bumpy tracks or rough terrains.

For behaving well against debris, these wheels are a better choice for downhill, freeride, and dancing.

The Dump Thane makes this pair of wheels most suitable for sliding. The heels have Slide Prepped stuff to ensure the safety of outer material during harsh drifts. 


These fireball tinder longboard wheels have been tested multiple times by the pro longboarders of our community.

In 6 months of longboarding with these rollers, we found them perfect for longboard sliding.

The combo of 60mm diameter and 81a hardness allows the rider to ride comparatively faster and safer than the other longboard wheels.

Moreover, they roll smoothly over different kinds of surfaces. Cleaning them after the ride will let you use these wheels for a long time with the same smoothness.


Designed explicitly for best sliding experience

Durable wheels last longer

Work efficiently with double kick longboards

Rollover cracks and pebbles comfortably


  • Wear down quickly

Orangatang Stimulus | Best Sliding Wheels

best sliding wheels
  • 77a, 80a, 83a hardness
  • 70mm diameter
  • 49mm width 
  • 42mm contact patch


Orangatang provides versatile products helping everyone avail themselves of the advantages according to their riding styles.

This stimulus set of wheels comes in three different colors and hardness.

The rollers’ diameter remains the same with all the colors and durometer so that you can achieve maximum cruising ability, downhill, dancing, and freeride experience.

Along with all these capabilities, sliding with Stimulus is comfortable, safe, and consistent. 

As a thumb rule, wheels with a durometer above 80a roll with considerable pace.

The combo can easily move over rough surfaces when the diameter coincides with hardness.

The unique formula of thane in building these wheels makes them withstand shocks or forged forces created by debris or dancing rides.

The grip provided by thane improves the quality of sliding on slippery or non-slippery tracks. 

Even after the exact diameter and durometer availability, installing a supportive core in the wheels originates stability in the ride while absorbing annoying vibrations caused by slides.

The shape of these rollers is rounded from the edges allowing riders to drift appropriately, but it is only possible with sliding gloves


Orangatang wheels have a ten extra mm diameter than the tinder wheels, which assures more grip when sliding and carving.

The bearing inside these rollers helps you ride faster down the hill, and its diameter lets you perfectly turn your speedy ride into a slide.

Since our first ride with these wheels, we have not noticed any cracks, even if we ride on bumpy surfaces.

Along with sliding, you can also cruise, carve, and freeride evenly when with Orangatang 70mm rollers.


Withstand any terrain comfortably

Versatile in nature

Durability is the key here

Supportive core ensures stable rides


  • Little expensive
  • The holes in the bearings are too small

FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels with Bearings

  • 60mm diameter
  • 83A hardness
  • 22mm * 8mm Bearings
  • Four wheels; 8 bearings


The most economical budget, 30-day return policy, and high acceptance rate among skaters convinced me to try it out.

In my eight years of skating experience, I have never seen such a low-price product with maximum features, including durability, up-to-the-mark performance, and agility to move faster than the fastest wheels. 

The smaller diameter and 83a hardness combined collectively install sliding ability at an average speed.

Moreover, the small width of only 60mm allows beginners to cruise around the streets comfortably.

The quality I noticed, later after multiple rides, is that these wheels carry out smooth rolling over concrete, ramps, and sidewalks.

Polyurethane in their build makes them highly durable, stable on rough terrains, and noise removers in any circumstances. 

It is hard to find a pair of wheels with LEDs at a reasonable price. Six different cores are available with Led lights wrapped inside the heavy-duty urethane.

These features can enhance your cruising and sliding experience during days and nights evenly.

After testing it out, I suggest this for novices interested in cruising and professionals interested in showcasing tricks, flips, or even slides. 


We tested FREEDARE wheels for sliding purposes, and they were supportive from start to end of the ride.

The most significant advantage of this product is that you can enhance your sliding experience.

A few of the skaters in our group complained about the quality of the bearings when they tried to ride faster.

Therefore, we will give this product 4 stars. If you are fond of riding your board at a higher speed, you must find suitable longboard bearings from a trusted brand.


Best budget

Experts use them for even sliding


Better for beginners to cruise skateparks

Led lights available


  • For faster rides, you need a new set of bearings

Orangatang Durian | Slide Wheels for Longboards

slide wheels for longboards
  • 75mm diameter
  • 80a, 83a, 86a available
  • Weighs 2.07 Pounds
  • Four wheels
  • 8 bearings


When the review is about wheels and Orangatang is not on the list, that is a bit harsh as Orangatang leads the wheel-generating field by a margin.

Broader diameter Durian wheels ensure smooth passage over cracks and bumps.

This update is unique from other Orangatang products because of its flexibility and versatility for multiple purposes like commuting, sliding, or downhill riding. 

Circular edges and gripper contact-patch authorize you to try generalized sliding tricks.

Once you get used to these wheels, they put you on the rollers to think out of the box while drifting or sliding steep paths.

Thane formula used in the outer build of these rollers makes them roll smoothly with a confident grip on the road to keep riders safe from mishaps. 

The core of this pair is condensed, assisting skaters in working effectively and keeping the level of the smooth ride even.

Its core also braces the edges for better slides, and the outerwear protects itself against cracks and crashes during forced drifts.

The package includes multiple sets of bearings having pre-installed raceways.

These inner raceways keep the need for separate spacers away to lessen the extra cost you have to bear. 


These wheels cost more than the others on our list, but they are versatile. You can try out different riding styles with durian rollers.

I bought these wheels for sliding and downhill riding. Later, I used them for carving, freeriding, and commuting purposes.

All these longboarding styles are achievable when using Orangatang 75mm Durian wheels. So, if you have the budget, you must buy these versatile wheels for long-term use.


Multi-purpose wheels for adventure

Cover rough roads impressively

High durability, high performance

Contact patch makes sliding comfortable


  • Comparatively expensive

Fireball Tinder | Smoothest Longboard Wheels

smoothest longboard wheels
  • 70mm diameter
  • 81a hardness
  • Dump thane PU
  • Center set Core
  • Black and White colors


The first look at these tinder wheels increases expectations of continuous sliding because of their external shape and material.

When I tried that for the first time, they evenly held, dipping out of the heel, boosting their stability.

This set of four wheels is like a white eraser due to its intense slippery behavior. There is no way to hook up or be unable to slide.

This product, Fireball, nearly outperforms Orangatang products in a stable ride, smooth and consistent sliding, and longevity. 

Another crispy feature of these best longboard wheels for sliding is their rounded edges or lips, splitting in the rollers exponentially and making room for an incredible sliding adventure.

Once you avail of these rollers, their worth will highlight themselves at your favorite spot.

The first few slides may seem a bit honky, but later they execute slides smooth as butter.

Along with consistency, Tinder wheels are highly durable, especially on high-paced roads.

The contact patch is another reason for holding up improved drifting movement.

Though the seller claims they are sustainable on faster rides, better wheels are available for more pacy rides.


We have been interviewing many Fireball Tinder users, and most were happy with their performance.

Our inspection report says that these smoothest longboard wheels work more efficiently when you use them with Bones bearings.

This combo will make them multifunctional in terms of achieving higher speed levels, smoothness in the rides, and instant sliding.

The other achievable styles are cruising, freestyling, and dancing.


Boosting stability

Perfect for novices to try out simple slides

Durable wheels

Suits professionals with expert sliding skills



  • Not suitable for faster rides

Sector 9 Butterballs | Downhill Slide Wheels

best longboard wheels for sliding
  • 65mm, 80a available
  • 75mm, 80a available
  • Weighs 14.4 Ounces
  • Set of 4 wheels


Versatility attracts everyone, but having the ability to do a specific thing better than all competitors is exceptional.

Sector 9 is a trusted brand with hundreds of trustworthy products like this set of Butterball wheels.

These rollers are designed for sliding purposes after keeping all the necessities in mind. 

The grip is the centerpiece of any sliding wheel, and butterballs grasp the ground well enough to manage sudden drifts on faster rides.

These wheels have a suitable grip that gives you stability while showcasing your sliding skills.

The drifting capability gets installed automatically when the wheels’ diameter is broad, and their hardness is above 80a.

Moreover, this combo of size and hardness ensures flexible movement over any terrain. 

Multiple diameters and hardness are additional features to opt for if you prefer any other riding style.

For cruising, Sector 9 provides 65mm wheels, and for pacy rides, there is an option of 75mm wheels.

If you prefer downhill riding and sliding from steep streets, 75mm and 80a wheels are the most suitable ones.

Don’t forget to cover yourself fully with sliding gloves and longboard helmets, as they are necessary for adventures like this.


The most prominent advantage of butterball rollers is the excellent sliding and gripping of the surface.

After using them for months, we must say that all these qualities may work for a limited time.

Moreover, the other users also had the same reviews. These wheels failed to prove their durability which is the priority for the longboard sliders.

Therefore, if you buy this product, look after it carefully by cleaning and using a lubricant on the roller’s body.


Smaller core gives more flex

Recommended for sliding

Strong grip on sliding terrain

Unbreakable, and sturdy wheels


  • Slides become decently long on the slippery surface

FREEDARE Longboard Wheels | Best for Sliding

  • 58mm diameter
  • ABEC7 bearings
  • 82a hardness
  • Set of 4
  • Spacers available


Another Freedare brand wheels make our list comfortably because of multiple qualities.

The prominent feature of these small-sized rollers is their economical price.

Secondly, the bearings involved in these best longboard wheels for sliding are of ABEC7 ratings, highlighting their strength of acquiring high speed.

Furthermore, the spacers that come along are pre-installed. The purpose of spacers is to keep the ball bearings at their specified place for less friction. 

As the price is low, this set of rollers also contains some flaws but is not related to sliding.

We used these wheels for the sole purpose of sliding for months, and their sturdiness proved their worth in the drifting field.

Besides sliding, they roll on skatepark surfaces pretty well and are unsuitable for all terrains. 

Professionals suggest these rollers for street cruising and freeride as well.

The material used in their build makes them stand against firm shocks and provides stability during flips and simple rides.

Durometer hardness and ABEC7 bearings combine, allowing the wheels to roll faster for pacy rides and downhill races. 


These FREEDARE wheels are entirely different from the previously reviewed wheels because of their dimensions.

You can go for your sliding rides with these wheels, but it will require more push, making you tired.

Because of this disadvantage, we had to put Bones bearings inside them and were satisfied with the results.

Also, the minor diameter makes rides uncomfortable when there are cracks on the road, and you must stop the ride quickly.


Recommended for cruising and sliding

Speed gaining spacers, bearings, and rollers

Work efficient on smooth surfaces


  • Not specified for off-road rides
  • The bearings are not of excellent quality

Best Longboard Slide Wheels | Buying Guide

Sliding is a unique adventure and requires practical wheels that withstand firm drifts without getting broken or any other problems.

Hundreds of wheel brands claim sliding rollers, but not all perform up to the mark.

Our guide will help novices know everything about the best longboard wheels for sliding to make it easy for them to choose the perfect pair. Also, learn how to clean longboard wheels.

Durable Outfit

The foremost thing to consider in any wheels is how long they last. Their longevity depends on the material used in their build.

One of the most usual and durable materials is polyurethane which is found in almost every other wheel. 

Orangatang leads the field of producing the best longboard rollers and has multiple thane formulas to increase the durability and sturdiness of the rollers.

When it comes to sliding, material matters the most.

With our experience in wheels and longboards, we can easily suggest Polyurethane or Orangatang thane formulas if you plan to slide continuously.

This thane will not break, give you calculated slides, and make your rides stable on all terrains. 

Durometer Hardness

A durometer is a scale that measures the hardness of longboard & skateboard wheels. This scale has measured numerous wheels resulting in a 60a-95a.

When the hardness is less than 75a, the wheels become sustainable for better cruising.

In contrast, when the durometer hardness increases, the wheels become most suitable for pacy rides and sliding on steep streets. 

If we have to define a range of durometer hardness for sliding wheels, it should lie between 77a and 90a.

We had the best sliding experience on Orangatang 83a wheels. They indeed proved their worth by providing predicted slides for a predicted distance. 


There are multiple responsibilities of a core in longboard wheels. These duties are essential to allow rollers to behave perfectly during freeriding and sliding sessions.

The availability of the core makes wheels roll quicker to generate the needed pace for better slides.

Another critical duty to perform is to stem rollers from deformation when the rider makes moves for drifting.

All this core discussion suggests that the wheels must include a core if you buy them for sliding purposes. 

Core Placement:

Mostly the core is at the exact center, but there are two other positions where the core can behave equally well.

When the core is at the center, wheels grab the skating surface confidently to ensure stability.

Offset cores have the advantage of reducing human effort when starting the ride.

The third position is the most unused one, called the side set. They are rarely used in the wheels, making it tricky to slide at a certain pace. 

Centerset Core

Offset Core

Sideset Core

We prefer center-set core wheels for sliding and downhill rides because of their immense sustainability on curves and drifts.

If you intend to go for downhill rides, find the best downhill longboards and wheels with offset cores for a better experience of bombing hills. 

Contact Patch:

A contact patch is part of the rollers that directly connects everything with the ground. The thinner pitch provides even friction during faster rides.

Hence, thin contact pitch rollers are mostly preferred for sliding purposes. The wider pitch gives easy cruising and freeride. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Longboard Wheels Made of?

Polyurethane is widely found in almost every other wheel. But other thane formulas are available in some branded wheels that prove their worth equally well compared to PU wheels. 

Can you slide on any longboard wheels?

Unfortunately, not all longboard wheels are suitable for sliding. Sliding requires sturdy, stable, heavy-duty, and durable wheels. If any quality is missing in any wheel, it is unsuitable for drifting. 

What durometer wheels are best for sliding?

Higher the hardness, the better the sliding experience you will get. Any wheel with a durometer value of more than 80a would perfectly suit sliding. 

Final Say

Finding a set of wheels that can sustain any riding style is nearly impossible.

It would help if you had softer wheels with smaller sizes for cruising, while downhill race requires stiff rollers with maximum diameter to roll faster.

Similarly, for sliding, you need a higher hardness value, center set core, thinner contact patch, and around 75mm diameter.

All these features collectively make the best longboard wheels for sliding. 

Written by: Michael Bradley

Hi, This is Michael and I am way too ahead in dealing with longboard and skateboard accessories like wheels, trucks, bearings, etc. I have always loved playing with T-tools, nuts, wrenches, and stuff like that. Also, I will be assisting you regarding the longboard protective gear.

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